Blast derusting

Blast derusting is everywhere required where you cannot achieve satisfactory results using manual rust removal or rust removal with a needle descaler due to the surface condition, that means the extent and the distribution of corrosion, the thickness of the old coating as well as the construction type, for example areas with many screws and gaps. By blasting with appropriate blasting material the desired roughness depth and purity level can be achieved also in case of these surfaces.

Furthermore, blast derusting is everywhere suitable where extensive, small or complex constructions can be treated more efficiently in a blasting plant than this is possible manually.

In both cases we have the necessary experience and equipment to carry out blast derusting economically and environmentally sound in our plants as well as on sites. The application of suitable blasting material as well as the covering of ground areas and enclosures of the objects to be blasted are for us just as much a matter of course as the knowledge of the underlying environmental regulations.

With our many years of experience and our technical equipment including blasting material processing, filter systems, small mobile plants, own compressors in various sizes and extensive sanitary facilities, we are the ideal partner for contracts of all sizes.